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yinna, yeener, yenner, yonner, you-no

[cf. Gul. yinnuh, yunnuh idem ADD, DJE unu, Krio ina, yuna KED, Vir. Dutch Cr. yina (Hancock 1979: 13); Port. Cr. inãse (Ivens Ferraz 1979:62) and Haitian nou TDKF, all 'you (plural)'; from the convergence of a variety of African sources: Limba yina, Mbundu yenu, Kongo yeno (Han-cock 1971:645), Wolof yena (Dalby 1972:186), Yoruba nyin DYL, and Common Bantu *nu (Carter p.c.) all 'you (plural)1] pron. you (plural): 1895 Children, whey you-no going? If my husband meet you-no here, 'e'll tear you hall to pieces (Edwards 97). 1918 What yonner would do? (Parsons 60). What can I do with yenner? (ibid 73). 1974 Yinna two bitches come here! (King 12). Garls yeener tak heed (Brown 32). cf. ONA, YOU-NAY, YOU-ALL (Black)

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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