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/kyári, k(y)éri/ v. 1. [Atlantic; OED to conduct, escort, lead arch.; Brit. dial. North, Irel. EDD; US dial. South idem DAB] to accompany; lead: 1832 Carrying horses to water (Farquharson vi). 1918 kyarry (Parsons 3); Care (carry) me dere (ibid 4). (Gen.)

2.   to pilot (a boat): 1963 But who had piloted me up the creek? I said I had come alone. . "He carry dis big boat up dis creek him one" (Cottman 195).

3.   to take along: 1888 "If we got a paid p'leeceā€‘man, he got to carry 'em." The English of all this was that if a policeman was paid he would impound the stray hogs (Fowles 209). Carry the cat! [i.e. take it home with you]. (Nassau)

4.   to take away; to get out: Carry your big mouth! Carry your Hitian hip! Stop bugging me (Nassau). (Black)

—n., Obs? [DAE, the carrying or transporting of canoes, goods, etc. around falls or shoals in a river] a portage: 1880 Fresh creek . . is too shallow near its head to admit of reaching the lake the entire way by boat, and a "carry" of . several miles will have to be made (Cory 24).

carry down phr. to harm a person by OBEAH: 1976 You could be carried down if you don't come and see me (McCartney 80), cf. CROSS, FIX

Tags: nautical, noun, Obeah, phrase, verb

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