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n. 1. [Car.; DJE "a negro from the Congo region.. .(The Congo were later comers than Gold Coast and Guinea negroes, whose Jamaican- born descendants looked down on them)"; cf. also Kongo nkongo slave (Carter)] a person from the Congo region of Africa: 1832 Congo Charles (Farquharson 27). 1888 She is a Congo woman, a native of Africa, and the scars on her face were made years ago in Africa (Powles 175). 1976 Those slaves who were not Yorubas were called Congos, and looked down upon by the N'ongos (Yorubas)(Eneas 29). (Gen.)

2. [Pan-Creole; DJE "Congo. . used to suggest blackness, stupidity, backwardness"; cf. LA Fr. Congo "appellation ironique du nègre fruste au teint très noir" (Germain), Haitian kongo boor TDKF and Car. Sp. congo (desvalorativo) negros que parecen ser puros...o que tienen rasgos afri­canos muy acentuados (Alvarez Nazario 1974: 256)]

a person with rough manners and a dark complex­ion: 1976 For a N'ongo lobe labelled a Congo man was as raw an epithet as could be imagined (Eneas 29). Congo—that's an old word for a very dark-skin person (Inagua). A Congo is someone who's ignorant and talks loud and has bad man­ners (Mayag.). (Black)

Tags: noun, pejorative

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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