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foo-foo, fou-fou, fufu

/fufú/ [Atlantic (Hancock 1969:50) and Car. Sp. (Alvarez Nazario 1974: 272); "cf. Twi e-fúfu a white thing; fufúú the common food, consisting of yam, plantains, cas­sada. . .cut into pieces and boiled. ..pounded to a tough, doughy mass; cf. similar forms in Ewe, Fon, Wolof, Mende, Hausa (Turner 1949:193); cf. Yoruba fùùfú mashed cassava (Oyedeji p.c.) and Kongo mffuúmfu flour (esp. of cassava) (Carter p.c.)]

n. 1. starchy vegetables, boiled and mashed (old term): 1976 Most of the young people of Bain Town didn't like foo foo, but the older folk were nearer to their Yoruba heritage, and ate it often (Eneas 33). (Black)

2, a dish, see quot.: 1934 "Fou-fou" which con­tains "okra". . .dried conch meat, dried fish and ontons or shallots. It is a brew, a broth and a stew all in one (Bell 82). cf. FLUM-FLUM

Tags: food, noun, reduplication, vegetable

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