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See GI'.

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give a hell [cf. US Black "Ah don't give a dam pity hell" (Van Patten 1931:30)] phr. to give a damn. (Black)

give in [OED, hand in] phr. to deposit (money in a bank). (Black)

give me (a) five [cf. US Black give (somebody) five two people slapping their hands together, a motion of agreement (Major); cf. Twi ma me num (lit, give me five) idem; K. Aboagye notes the currency of this expression among older Twi speakers, suggesting that the expression may not be a borrowing from U.S. Black English] phr. Let's slap hands (in mutual congratulation). (Gen.)

give somebody (all) the right (or wrong) [cf. Krio av rayt (have right) a person always insisting that he is right KED; cf. Sp. dar razon, Fr. donner raison both (lit, give right) to say someone is right; a calque?) phr. to (always) say that some-one is right (or wrong); to side with (or against) someone (consistently) in arguments: I give him all the right in the world for doing what he do (Nassau). When we right, give us right, when we wrong, give us wrong. Don't try hide nothing (Nassau). (Gen.)

give somebody a strike [OED strike act of strik-ing a blow] phr. to hit somebody: Miss Maggie come wan' beat me an' I give her one strike! (Cat). give somebody down the country. See DOWN THE COUNTRY

give somebody your hip [cf. HIP buttocks] phr. to play the passive role in anal intercourse: 1982 I had given him $30 and he said he was going to give me his hip (Guardian, Jan. 26). 

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