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go (1), ga, ger, gon, guh

/go(n)/ [cf. (to be) going (to do)] preverbal marker, indicates future action: 1978 I gun be on der park (Smith 4). I go see 'im later (Nassau). I ger knock him upside he head (Nassau). cf. GWINE, GONE (Black)

go bush. See BUSH.

go errands /gow éranz/ [cf. go on an errand idem] phr. to run an errand: 1918 Go my erran's (Parsons 79). cf. GO MESSAGES (Black)

go for yourself [cf. Sp., Port. irse (lit, go oneself) to go away] phr. to be on one's way: 1936 I hop on muh weel an' I gone fer mesef (Dupuch 93). (Gen.)

go in phr. 1. [Car.; Vir. (Highfield p.c.), Jam. (Cassidy p.c.)] to turn in; to go to bed: My grandmother does go in for the night at seven o'clock (Nassau). (Black>

2. [from synonymy with enter in other contexts] to enter (a contest): She go in a beauty contest (Nassau).

go messages [cf. US dial, go a message idem ADD] phr. to carry messages: 1918 You can't go my messages (Parsons 79). cf. GO ERRANDS (Black)

go on the phone (Black); go to the phone (Inagua) phr, to talk on the telephone: She goes on the phone and gossips with Miss Sue (COB).

go on the road [cf. Haitian pran lari idem HCEFD] phr. 1. to go out into the street: After dinner we go on the road little while (Andros). (Black)

2. get out of this house! (an angry command). (Eleu.) cf. GET IN THE ROAD

go right ahead (and do something) phr. to do something suddenly. (Eleu.>

go sleep! go rest! [W Car.; cf. Scots gude rest good night CSD] phr. good night! (said on part­ing right before bedtime). (Black)

go so [cf. US colloq. go to be arranged (a certain way, e.g. words of a song) and SO thus] phr. to be (a certain way): Dat ain' how dot go. It don' go so (Nassau). (Gen.)

go straight along (and do something) [Car.] phr. to do something suddenly. (Black>

go to do [Car.; cf. Twi me ko ye (lit. I go do) I did that on purpose (K. Aboagye p.c.); cf. also US colloq. "Why did you go and do that?", and dial. "I didn't go to do it" (i.e. mean to do it) ADD] phr. to do something intentionally: lain' go to do that (Nassau), (Black)

go up [cf. DAS (stick it)up your ass an expres­sion of rejection and contempt] intj. a defiant retort (considered vulgar). (San Sal., Mayag.)

go with sense phr. to require good judgment: 1982 If the leadership of the P.L.P. doesn't come to admit that this thing really goes with sense soon, they too will perish (Guardian, Jan. 11).

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