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b', ba, ber, b'o', bur

 /ba/. Also bra. [Atlantic; from brother, but cf. also Brit. dial. East bor, bo' term of familiar address applied to either sex and of all ages, converging with African usage, e.g. Temne, Vai or Mandinka ba friend, term of address among equals (Hancock 1971:638, 1975: 252); cf. also Yoruba egbon (lit. older brother) used before names of male peers (Oyedeji p.c.); cf. also Haitian fre. bra idem HCEF] n. 1. friendly term of address to a male peer: 1925 Ber, war yer dar do yer? (Finlay 294). 1936 Bo . . . familiar address meaning 'brother' (Dupuch 121). (Black)

2. [cf. Mandinka kɔrɔ elder brother, used as title before animal names in fables (Dalby 1972:178)] a title: 1895 In our own [US] negro-lore, the animals are called "Brer" by Harris and "Buh" by Jones; among the Bahamas negroes, the term is contracted to "B'", and so one finds . . . "B' Rabby" (Edwards 19). 1918 B'o' Rabby . . Bur Bookee (Parsons 122). (Black) 

◊ The names of certain folk-tale characters, especially B' Rabby, seldom occur without this title.

Tags: folktales, noun, term of address

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