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n. 1. [euphemism] bladder; ability to hold one's urine: 1904 To strengthen babies' backs (i.e. kidneys) and keep them from wetting their beds, give them roasted rats (Clavel 37). cf. WEAK BACK (Black)

2. [cf. MCC ten back o' shell ten (turtle) shells (Holm 1978); cf. Ibo azu back, shell as of crab (Okolo p.c.)] shell (of crabs or turtles): 1978 Remove all meat from back, or shield of the turtle . . . Place [crab meat mixture] in clean shell backs (Higgs 15, 21). (Gen.)

3. [cf. Australian outback backcountry W3] the shore on the side of the island away from the settlement: 1977 Cyril went down on the "back" to look for firewood (Albury 126). (Gen.)

bring the back together [cf. BACK n. 1.] phr. to bind the abdomen of a recently delivered woman to restore the womb to its usual position: 1980 (Dorsett 7). in the back [cf. BACK-HOUSE 2 ] phr. to the toilet: I goin' in the back. (Andros, Eleu.)

Tags: euphemism, noun, phrase

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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