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adv. [Atlantic; an African calque: cf. Mandingo A ka nyi ko-jugu (lit. It is good badly) It is very good (Dalby 1972:177) or Shona zvakáipa badly, as intensifier (Carter p.c.); cf. also Yoruba O dara burukuburuku (lit. It's good bad-bad) It's very good (Oyedeji p.c.)] very: 1918 I sick bad (Parsons 30). She smart bad (Exuma). (Black)

—adj. 1. [Pan-Creole; cf. Haitian michan wonderful (vs. Fr. méchant bad) HCEFD; cf. US Black too bad excellent (Sebastian 1934:28a) and bad idem BDNE II] very good; excellent: 1974 bad: good (King 26). (Black)

2. [cf. bad wicked] (of laughter) malicious: He laugh bad. (Eleu.)

3. [Trin. idem (Winer p.c.); cf. Krio bad dog dog which bites without provocation KED; cf. also Haitian michan brave, enterprising (vs. Fr. méchant bad) HCEFD] fierce: Bad dog [sign on gate]. Shine daddy say, "Son, if you bad enough, you hit him one more time" (Nassau).

Tags: adjective, adverb, calque

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Last update: 2010-09-09 02:36
Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
Revision: 1.1

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