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on (1)

[cf. Scots on in, about, regarding, of, for, to, at CSD; cf. also similar use of earlier general locative prep. DA] prep. 1. at, in: 1978 I guh be on der park (Smith 4). (Black)

2. to: 1918 De dawg gone on de bay [i.e. to the seashore] (Parsons 104). I got to go on the dock (Exuma). (Gen.)

3. from: Two weeks on Friday (Nassau).

4. [cf. Cayman two'n'um two of them (Kohlman 1969:33); also arch. English (Cassidy p.c.)] of: 1895 De t'ree on 'ern (Edwards 96). All on 'em (ibid 73). 1918 Yes, an' what on it? (Parsons 115). Zelly and her sister all two on ‘em big right up for them two Johnson brothers (Nassau). cf. ANNUM (Black)

5. for: Landlords who have houses on rent (Nassau).

6. about: 1940 Tink on what we shud do (Dupuch 32). Ideas on it (ibid 84). It was a mystery on how the thief had entered our home (COB). (Black)

 7. [W Car.] referring to the effect of OBEAH (pronounced with emphasis): 1918 Puttin' ghos' on somebody (Parsons 13). (Gen.)

Tags: Obeah, preposition

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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