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v 1. [Car.; OED idem obs. →1621; aiso dial. in Brit. EDD, US South ADD] to put out (a light, etc.), to extinguish: 1918 My wife, out the lamp (Parsons 12). 1966 Man, out that damn fire (Crowley 54). cf. OUT OUT  1 (Black)

 2. [Car.; OED idem obs. →1823, also Brit. dial. North, Scots EDD] to put out, eject: Out The cat! (Nassau). cf. OUTEN  (Black)

--adj. [also Gul., US dial. South ADD] finished, used up: My book out [i.e. there are no more un-used pages left in my notebook] (Nassau).

--adv. [cf. US dial. North out blowing from the sea; said of the wind ADD] from the ocean or beach to the settlement or harbor: 1977 (Albury 157).

prep. [W Car.; cf. also US Black "1 couldn't get out the bed" (Keiser 1969:65); cf. OED out out of obs. or dial., but cf. US "Walk out the door"] out of (not used with of): 1936 Out muh way (Dupuch 13). 1966 I could get you out this hole (Crowley 56). (Black)

Tags: adjective, adverb, nautical, preposition, verb

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Last update: 2012-10-25 22:20
Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
Revision: 1.2

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