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knuck, knock

[cf. US dial. South knucks knuckles WEA; cf. OED knockle knuckle obs.→1800's] n. 1. knuckle: 1918 His two knuck bone (Parsons 104). 1966 Only a knock [knuckle] (Crowley 108). When you win you could knock the marble at they knocks (Nassau). (Black)

2. [cf. OED knuckle the end of a bone at a joint, which forms a more or less rounded protuber-ance when the joint is bent, as in the knee, elbow, etc. obs.41658] the stump of an amputated finger, arm, or leg: 1940 Chop Italy off t' d' knock an let it drift out in d' Mediterranean (Dupuch 17). His finger get cut off. He's only have little knuck (Nassau). cf. GIVE KNUCKS, KNUCKS HOLE (Exuma)

give somebody knucks [cf. def. 1, and Scots knuckles a punishment at the game of marbles in which the loser is struck on the knuckles by other players with their marbles CSD] phr. to shoot a marble from close range at someone's knuckles as punishment for losing. (Black)

Tags: anatomy, body part, game, noun, phrase

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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