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n. [OED, the rind, husk, or shell of fruit and grains obs. → 1661] the husk of a coconut: 1978 Remove inner bark from any number of coconuts (Higgs 60). (Black)

v. [OED, to strip off the bark from (a tree) . . to scrape or rub off the skin; cf. also Brit. dial. North bark to knock or rub off the skin, sep. from the shins EDD] 1. to remove the husk of a coconut or the shell of a nut: 1940 barking coconut on d' floor (Dupuch 20). 1977 These coconuts were barked or had all husks removed (Albury 25). (Black)

2. or bark up, to scrape the skin (off knees, shins): 1940 He get he knee all bark up runnin' tru prickly pear patch (Dupuch 64). bark his behind, bark him up [cf. BARK v] phr. to give someone a beating: Papa send message say don't care the time, he gon bark your behind when you come home (Nassau). (Black)

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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