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Northerners are unfamiliar with many of the tropical fruits well-known in the Bahamas, such as SWEET SOP, DILLY, SCARLET PLUM, MAMMEE APPLE, EGG FRUIT, JUJU, GUAVA, MAMMEE SAPOTA and others which are not exported. More­over, some familiar names like CHERRY, GOOSEBERRY, and RASPBERRY refer to species unknown in the north. Some names differ just slightly, such as MANGRO or MANGLE for 'mango' with varieties such as the ROSY MANGO, HITIAN MAN­GO or MANGOLA. Bahamians usually call the orange SWEET ORANGE to distinguish it from the BITTERSWEET or SOUR ORANGE (BIG SOUR is the grapefruit and LITTLE SOUR is the lime). Similarly, plums are called SWEET PLUMS to dis­tinguish them from the local SOUR PLUM, SCAR­LET PLUM, COCO PLUM or HOG PLUM. There are HOG BANANAS, RED BANANAS, and WATER BANANAS, but the Bahamians' favorite is the sweet little SUGAR BANANA. Coconuts are eaten in various stages of ripeness from the JELLY COCONUT to the OILY (or EARLY) NUT, also caned TUFFY or BLIFFY; its liquid can be drunk as COCONUT WATER (improved with gin) while the flesh can be grated and pressed to make COCONUT MILK or COCONUT CREAM (as well as the many desserts listed under COCONUT). Pine­apples, more often called PINES, were once widely grown for export, and Bahamians still distinguish between varieties such as the BARRACO, BIRD'S EYE, CUBA, MUSKET, and SCARLET (also called SUGAR-LOAF or SWEET PINE).

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