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Traditionally most DWELVING HOUSES in the Bahamas have been modest. Only wealthy people can afford an UPSTAIRS HOUSE with GABLE-ENDS high enough for a CEILING (acces-sible through a MANHOLE). Such grand houses often have TABBY walls and a BANISTER PORCH (also called a PIAZZA or GALLERY). Many people still live in simple wooden houses, sometimes small CRIBS or SHACK HOUSES. While city people cover their HOUSE-TOPS with SHINGLES or TINS (also called ZINCS), on the outer islands people often live in TRASH HOUSES with roofs of LEAF or THATCH supported by LARTIN. The simplest houses lack wooden floors and are called DIRT HOUSES. Floors are usually elevated a foot or so above the ground, supported by GROUND-PINS. Should such a floor start to sag, it has to be COTCH-UP with a PRY-STICK or WATTLES. The DOOR-MOUTH has to be above the level of the yard in case of flooding. The windows are usually without GLASSES or SCREAM-WIRE, having only shutters that can be fastened with BATTERS in case of a hurricane. Such small houses usually have only a HALL and one or two ROOMS and perhaps a PANTRY. Heavy cooking is still sometimes done in a separate COOK KITCHEN, and if there is no plumbing the back yard includes an OUTSIDE CLOSET (also called a LATRIN Or BACK-HOUSE). Crops might be stored in a LODGING, while the PACKING HOUSE or BARN HOUSE is used for general storage and animals are kept in a STAPLE. Protection from the sun is afforded by a simple PICK HOUSE or SHADE. A group of homes forms a TOWN, and a group of towns forms a SETTLEMENT. Larger settlements may have a TOWNSHIP, with a PARADE consisting of a DOCTOR SHOP, a FOOD STORE, a PETTY SHOP and a GUARD ROOM.

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