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Marriage and Courtship

The formalities of old-fashioned COURTENING have largely been replaced by a more casual approach. Instead of sitting with a girl in the HALL or PIAZZA of her parents' home, a young man can now meet a girl in the company of friends their own age. If he finds a girl at a party SPOKADOCIOUS, he can MAKE HIS BREAK by RAPPING AT her and asking her to dance. Afterwards he can try to SWEET-TALK her and CUT-UP, and she may respond by BLUSHING or SASSING. If she LIKES him and wants to become his MAIN SQUEEZE, she should not PLAY BRAZEN. The young man should not SCHEME WITH the girl too long, or a HOT BOY may come along and CUT HIS GRASS. Romance may move at a different pace on the outer islands. There SUMMER BILLIES go out SPROGUING on warm, moonlit nights. A MASSAGE BOY may have to get around a girl's watchful parents by employing a BOOSTER to GO his MESSAGES. However, if it is the girl who is suffering from MARCOBY and her mother considers the young man a good catch, she may give him CUCKOO SOUP to TAME him. In former times a suitor would WRITE THE HOUSE if he wanted to MARRIED WITH a young lady. If her parents agreed, THE PUBLISH would be posted and the couple would he CHURCHED, with the WEDDING HUSBAND receiving the bride from the FATHER GIVER. The celebration after the ceremony used to be marked by the custom of STEALING THE BRIDE. Of course MARRIAGE LIFE can have its difficulties. Even if the couple is PROSPEROUS, the woman will probably work OUTDOORS and her husband may come to feel that she is SHARING THE PANTS too much. He may HAVE A SWEETHEART ON his wife, who may in turn PUT ROACH ON HIS BREAD by having a SNEAKY MAN.

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Author: Holm and Shilling, DBE, 1982
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